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About Leavenworth Insurance


At Leavenworth Insurance, we believe in the concept of "Lower": we help our clients lower premium expenditures, lower personal financial risk, lower business financial risk, lower investment risk and lower taxes.  Warren Buffet wisely said, "The first thing you need to know about making money, is not losing it." We wholeheartedly agree, and strive to impart our clients with the tools and knowledge to do so. We serve all of Washington State, with a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products and unique financial strategies to accomplish your individualized goals. Our clients save time and hassle because we utilize all the latest technology to communicate with you: email, video, fax, instant voicemail (without dialing) and electronic signatures. Our motto is "We Love To Save You Money!" but we love to save you time too.

Eric Kossian is the Agency Principal and Underwriting Specialist at Leavenworth Insurance. Eric entered the insurance industry in 1988 underwriting and became an Underwriting Specialist with State Farm before starting his own insurance agency in 1997. Prior to that he worked as a series 7 stock broker and a series 3 options on futures broker. Both he and his wife Suzann graduated from Seattle Pacific University. Eric enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest and keeping up on worldwide geopolitical, and economic events. Ask to talk direclty with Eric anytime.

Testimonials - what some of our longtime clients say about us.

"Eric always brags about his low rates for folks with good credit, but it's his committment to service that always leads me to recommending him to friends, family and clients. Eric is a problem solver not a paper pusher. Eric has a wealth of knowledge about insurance and is well versed in all aspects of home and property insurance. It's easy to recommend Eric highly. I love Leavenworth Insurance. I have two cars and my home insured with them and they have saved me lots of money over my previous agent. I send lots of my clients to them."

                                                 By Geordie Romer - Windermere Real Estate


"I have been sending clients to Eric for 8 years and will continue to do so. As a Real Estate lender, we need the homes we finance to be properly insured. I have found Eric to have the best rates for my clients, plus he is able to provide my office with quick service to help us close on time. Many customers have called me back, thanking me that I gave them Eric's name because he had saved them hundreds or thousnads of dollars in premiums. As a former insurance underwriter, he also understands the policy and gets people more coverage for less money than they were previously spending. My family is insured with Eric, and I would recommend him to anyone."

                                                  By Darel Ansley, Mortgage Broker, Peoples Bank



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