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Products and Specialties

Each family and business has unique needs; we listen to your needs and help craft a unique protection solution. At Leavenworth Insurance we do everything we can to keep your insurance affordable,  organized and your experience hassle free. We are here to assist throughout the claim process to help get you back on your financial feet quickly. Got questions? We have answers.
Statewide, we insure the cars and homes of clients who have good credit scores. A person's credit score is the single biggest determinate of future claims. Certain carriers rate more heavily on credit score offering up to a 50% premium savings on certain policies just for having good credit!






If you are turning 65 or are already on Medicare we can help save you money, even if you are in the doughnut hole. There are big differences in the out of pocket cost among Medicare products. We offer both traditional Medicare Supplement usable nationwide and Medicare Advantage policies, usable in your network only except for emergencies.






Most seniors are concerned with outliving their retirement assets and 90% of seniors have no plan for large future expenditures such as assisted living or nursing care, costs not covered by Medicare for more than just 90 days. We offer a wide assortment of products which can help you safely grow your assets with no risk of loss and have options on how to best pay for large expenditures should they occur without spending money on expensive Long Term Care insurance.
We have a unique relationship with our underwriters nationwide, allowing us to provide you with the best coverage and price for contractors, apartment owners, restaurant owners, commercial property & auto, vacation rental and bed & breakfast owners.
We take your life and your finances seriously. We believe just about everyone has a need for life insurance, but understand the need for keeping cost low. We shop our clients with over 75 of the top rated insurance companies.
Leavenworth Insurance offers subsidized "Obamacare" - Affordable Care Act individual health insurance and family plans to those residing in Washington State through the Washington State Health Excange. Let our health agents help you and/or your family find the best coverage with the lowest price. There is no easier way to buy health insurance!
Get low cost access to a large high-quality law firm in your state for as little as $20 per month. This service provides you with document review, real estate and domestic issues, your will and health care power of attorney. Our attorneys are here to advise you with any legal matter, no matter how traumatic or trivial. ID Theft Protection monitors and protects your entire family's good credit and identity.
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