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A Package Policy Saves You More Money


Buying or building your dream home? Our agency specializes in providing remarkably broad insurance coverage, for affluent client throughout Washington State. The companies we write with are very financially sound, which allows them to off continuously competitive rates, even with additional coverages. Our office handles all paperwork and policy service, making your insurance experience hassle free.


Nationwide, 20% of homeowners are underinsured (especially high value homes), and, in the event of a total loss, would have to pay extra out of pocket costs, due to coverage limitations. Few insurance companies offer unlimited dwelling replacement cost for your home and comprehensive perils coverage, which include extra benefits, such as:


-Identity theft reimbursement

-Back-up of sewer/drain (especially useful for homeowners with septic systems)

-No limit of theft of tools

-Rented watercraft liability and property damage, up to 30 days (excluding jet skis)

-Lock replacement (in the event of a stolen key)

-Personal property coverage for offsite storage

-Personal injury liability

-Ordinance and law (especially useful for homeowners with older homes)


Few homeowner policies will include or even offer any of the above mentioned coverages, which are incorporated in all package policies our agency writes. We can even write policies for certain log homes and homes that are under construction and renovation, without a surcharge.


Own or Purchasing a Brand New Car? Just like our home policies, our auto policies include additional coverages, such as:


-Full replacement (with no depreciation) of new vehicles totalled within the first year of ownership

-Worldwide liability

-Liability and property damage and medical coverage for car rentals

-Motor home and recreational vehicle coverage

-Excess uninsured motorist coverage (up to $1,000,000)

-Zero deductible for auto glass claims


Most companies offer few, if any, of these coverages. Our agency is accessible if you have any questions, concerns, or claims. We believe that good service does not end with the work day, but continues throughout your time of need.   (each policy is unique - see your specific policy details)

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