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Leavenworth Insurance - We know your cars and homes are important to you


At Leavenworth Insurance, we shop for you. Unlike most agencies who only represent one carrier, as an independent agency Leavenworth Insurance can shop with many companies, getting you lower rates and substantially better coverage. Most of our carriers provide big discounts for your good credit score, we also have carriers that don't weigh credit heavily.



We offer a number of top regional and national carriers to shop your insurance with. Many of our carriers include many extra needed coverages at little to no extra cost like: full glass coverage, worldwide liability & medical & rental car coverage (which includes Loss of Use and Deminished Value coverages), replacing a total loss vehicle with a brand new vehicle in the 1st 12 mo., guaranteed auto repair options. We can even save you additional money by bundling your home and auto & umbrella.


Discounts: time with prior carrier, claim free, auto/home, auto/life, online driver's safety course, good student, student at school.



Our preferred markets offer up to a 50% discount based on your credit score! Our best policies include full replacement cost (no limit) and comprehensive perils. (95% of homeowner policies nationwide actually limit your replacement cost and have a restrictive list of covered perils, such as; smoke, fire and wind!)  Save an additional 20% on your home policy by bundling with your auto. We do Course of Construction too.


Additional Coverage Available: for Earth Movement & Flood & 2 Earthquake policies: Earthquake policies have high deductibles, typically $50,000+, however to cover the costs of the deductible we offer a combination of the standard high-deductible Earthquake insurance and a separate earthquake policy to cover the the 1st $50,000 in damages with only a $1,000 deductible!

Excess Liability - Why you need it

Many people don't realize that the single biggest danger to their financial assets is driving to work everyday. Many homeowners foolishly have auto liability limits of $100,000 per person they might injure, putting their home and assets at risk and risking 7 years of wage garnishment. Beyond the commute, there are many other risks that you could protect yourself from with an umbrella liability policy, such as having your friendly dog unexpectedly bite someone, being a Landlord or a boater/skier/snowboarder/golfer/hunter. These are all big sources of injury lawsuits. Sorry, we do not insure trampolines.


We can add an extra 1- 30 Million of worldwide liability on top of your homes and cars at a price starting at around just $250 per million a yr.

Travel Trailers,  Motorhomes, Cyles, Scooters, ATV's,  Jetskis/ WaveRunners,  Segways, Boats.


Have fun, but do it safely and insured! Liability is by far the most important. Medical for yourself on more dangerous toys can be expensive. We also insure Full Time RV's.

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