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Legal Shield & ID Theft - for Family's and Businesses


We can offer you access to a high-quality law firms nationwide for as little as $20 per month. Get your documents reviewed, court preparation, and will & healthcare power of attorney created or revised annually and much more. Our attorneys are here to advise you with any legal matter, no matter how traumatic or trivial. Our law firms are paid in advance so their sole focus is serving you in your time of need, rather than billing you.

ID Theft Plans from Kroll - a world leader in Security


Along with legal council, this Legal Shield product offers two ID theft plans, which can help you and your family protect your assets and identity, online, in person and around the world. Plans can include:



  • Coverage for one memeber, spouse and up to eight dependants

  • Single-bureau credit monitoring

  • Personal credit score

  • Comprehensive restoration

  • Identity consultation

  • Safeguard for minors

Premium - includes all of Standard plus:

  • Triple-bureau credit monitoring

  • Internet monitoring - unauthorized use of your family's SSN's.

  • Lost wallet - help with cancelling and replacing bank and ID cards

  • Monthly monitoring of any changes to SSN or address history

  • SSN fraud detection



Tips for Avoiding an ID Theft:

  • Leavenworth Insurance recommends not letting your debit/ credit card out of sight. Giving your card to a waitress or cashier where they make the transaction behind the counter or out of your sight makes it too easy for them to quickly copy your data from your card to sell it. Charges as small as 25 cents can show up on your bank statement as a sign that someone has access to your bank account!

  • Be careful of where you use your card, especially on unfamiliar websites

  • Check bank statements for any suspicious activity

  • Look for any unauthorized charges including small charges

  • Sign up for credit monitoring and identity theft protection services from Leavenworth Insurance (Become a Member link above)

  • If you suspect that there has been a breach of your information notify your bank as soon as possible to get ahead of the theft

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